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Current breaking news
By Stephan Schmidt 
Major site cleanup
if you visited this site regularly, you probably already realized, that it has not been updated for quite a while. This is because we all have been involvde in different projects (like visiting other countries, starting a new company or writing books). The site itself is very hard to maintain, as it's not based on a content management system and thus, adding nw content was the last thing we had on our minds, when we had a little spare time.
Still we have been working on several pat-projects and we have now decided to close down this site and replace it with a site that's easier to maintain. We already started that task by setting up a network of subdomains, that fullfil different tasks:, provides downloads of our latest releases, provides nightly builds of our projects, provides documentation, a bug tracker and a source browser, provides online examples (duh) of our projects, provides automatically generated API documentation, provides news about the project, the developers and PHP
Furthermore we will stop the development of some of our projects. Currently, we plan to keep up the work on:
Today, I already adjusted some of the links on this site so they take you to the new sites with updated documentation and latest downloads. I also removed some content like the recommended books and links as we do not have the time to update these pages regularly and pages like these are already superceeded by social bookmarking systems.
We are currently in the process of planning, designing and implementing a new site that will connect all of our subdomains, so stay tuned.
By Stephan Schmidt 
patForms v0.9.0b1 released
Today we released the first beta version of patForms, which provides a lot of new features compared to the last release. You can view the complete changelog at our channel server.
Besides improving the stability of all subpackages, one of the coolest features is the integration with Propel, which has been implemented by our new developer Sven Fuchs. He is also responsible for new renderers for Smarty, PHPTal and HTML_Template_Flexy as well as some other small feature additions.
If you are using patForms in your projects, please upgrade to the newer version and report any problems you may find at There have been some small changes to the API in some cases, so the new release might break your script, but as we finally reached beta state, there will not be any BC breaks in future releases. A first stable release is scheduled for October, so if you need any bugs fixed, please report them as soon as possible.
By Stephan Schmidt 
patConfiguration v2.0.0 released
I finally released the stable version of patConfiguration 2.0.0. If you are still using version 1.x I recommend you to upgrade, as the new version provides tons of new features, is fully E_ALL compliant and uses patError for error management.
This release is also available using our PEAR channel server and this is the recommended way to download and install it.
By Stephan Schmidt 
patForms v0.9.0a2 released
I just released the second alpha version of patForms 0.9.0, which provides several bugfixes as well as some small feature additions.
This release is also available using our PEAR channel server and this is the recommended way to download and install it.
By Stephan Schmidt 
patTemplate v3.1.0a1 released
I just released a first alpha version of patTemplate 3.1.0 which provides several new features, modifiers, caches and filters. If you are using patTemplate, please try the new release and report any bugs you find in our bugtracker.
For a detailed list of changes, see the changelog.
By Stephan Schmidt 
patConfiguration v2.0.0b2 released
Today we released the 2nd beta version of patConfiguration 2.0.0 which contains some small bugfixes and a new feature. For more information, see the changelog.
By Stephan Schmidt 
patTemplate v3.0.1 released
Today I released a new version of the 3.0.x branch of patTemplate. This release mainly fixes some notices that occurred in strange situattions as well as some very small bugs. If you are using patTemplate 3.0.0 I recommend you to upgrade to this version.
By Stephan Schmidt 
patConfiguration v2.0.0b1 released
We finally released the first public beta of patConfiguration 2.0.0. This version has undergone huge refactoring and is now based on drivers which allow you to read and write XML, INI and WDDX files with the same API. This version also makes use of patError to manage all errors that happen while processing and brings a lot of other new features for the XML reader. See the changelog for details.
By Stephan Schmidt 
patError v1.1.0 released
Today I released a new version of patError which fixes several small bugs and is fully PHP5 compatible. We have been using this version as a CVS snapshot for quite some time, so it's time we released it to the public.
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